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Five Ways to Help Those Hit the Hardest by Covid in Our Community

Many Gresham Area residents are suffering

Too many families have lost loved ones and been plunged into poverty during the pandemic.  Through many discussions with area non-profits and charities it has become clear that the Gresham area has been hit hard by the pandemic and most importantly there is something we can do. 

Five Ways to Help Your Neighbors Recover from the Pandemic

  1. Shop Local: It is more important than ever to intentionally choose to shop locally within the Gresham area.  The jobs you help create and maintain may be your neighbors.  The dollars you spend will be recycled within our community and pay for much needed support services. 
  2. Give blood:  If you are able the Red Cross is in need of blood in order to serve our area hospitals.  Click here to see the local blood donation drives in the Gresham area being held soon. 
  3. Volunteer:  If you aren't in a position to donate food, you can donate your time.  Click Here to complete the SnowCap Community Charities volunteer submission form or Click Here to complete the volunteer form for Birch Community Services. 
  4. Be the Cheer Leader:  Encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to jump on the band wagon.  Remind them about the importance of shopping locally.  Share opportunities to volunteer and give blood.  Giving your time to volunteer and help others has been shown to boost your mood and your general outlook. Not to mention, when you get involved your entire community benefits. 
  5. Be Kind:  If the pandemic has taught my staff and I anything, it is that every person you come in contact with during the day has their own struggles.  No one is immune to the pressure and intensity of the pandemic.  Remember to be patient and kind whenever possible.  Your kind gesture may just be the bright point in someone else's day.  Don't forget to include yourself too!  Be kind to yourself during this once in a generation hurdle we are now clearing. 

Try Local, Shop Local, and Love Local Gresham

Gresham Ford chose to jump in with both feet and sponsor the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce Shop Local campaign almost 10 years ago.  Since that time we have seen businesses come and go in the Gresham area.  Our genuine hope is that sharing the importance of shopping local with all the benefits will help to reduce the loss of local businesses over then next ten years. 

We can't encourage you enough to choose local whenever possible.  If you need something and don't know of a local business offering those services, just ask!  The Gresham Area Chamber Facebook page along with the Gresham Helping Gresham Facebook Page are great places to learn about new businesses and get referrals from real local people too!