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Try Local Shop Local Love Local in Gresham Oregon

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Try Local First Sponsored by Gresham Ford

Ronald Reagan once said, “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States”. And what makes our community work and prosper, is our small businesses.

Gresham, Oregon is no different.  We are blessed with a wide variety of small businesses and vendors that have created our unique and vibrant community.  Recently we’ve lost a couple of iconic small Gresham area businesses.  They will be sorely missed.  

Accent On Attitude, a wonderfully festive apparel and accessories shop that was a dependable choice for all things fun, unique, and vibrant.  Judy and Chris Wylie had their fingers on the pulse of Historic Downtown and have been deeply involved at every turn.  We wish them an enjoyable and lengthy retirement.  Fingers crossed that their store front will be filled with an equally as wonderful entrepreneur.

The Troutdale General Store has been a draw to downtown Troutdale for 22 years.  Terry and Jodi Smoke knew how to merchandise a store.  Visitors to the Columbia River Gorge were regularly awestruck by a wide variety of home goods and art.  The basement of holidays will be a sorely missed destination.  Not only did these small business owners understand how to purchase and merchandise, they also understood the Gresham community and how important it is to contribute to the community. 

While we will miss these amazing shops, there are still many that need our continued support.

Here are 10 reasons why shopping local first is so important:

  1. Strengthen and support your local economy.

  2. Create more good local jobs.

  3. Local business owners invest in their community, invest in them.

  4. Environmental impact is reduced when you choose to shop at small local businesses in the Gresham area.

  5. Nonprofits receive greater support from companies headquartered in the Gresham area.

  6. Customer service is better with locally owned businesses.

  7. Public benefits far outweigh public costs.

  8. Competition and diversity leads to more consumer choices.

  9. Unique businesses create character and prosperity.

  10. Every time you spend your dollars locally and actual person does a little happy dance. 

So, the next time a need arises for you home check out what options are right here in the Gresham area.  Clicking is easy and efficient>  With the healthy and vitality of your community search the Gresham area and find a new business.  Give a real person a reason to do a little happy dance on your behalf.  Your community will thank you for it!

Gresham Ford is a the proud sponsor of the 2022 Try Local First Campaign brought to you by the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. 

"Trying local and shopping local is something that everyday consumers can do to help our community thrive.  Choosing to spend your dollars locally gives you the opportunity to know your neighbors and grow your network.  Making connections is the heart of good old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing.  Simply put when you choose local, you choose to help your neighbors get jobs closer to home, and increase the funding for public services." shared Bess Wills, General Manager of Gresham Ford, the Dealer with a Heart
Shopping local is vital to Economic Development.  Local businesses pay their employees who spend their paychecks locally.  They also choose other local businesses as their vendors.  Buying local helps create jobs for your friends and neighbors while helping to fund improvements in public infrastructure. 

Join the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce at the next month Try Local event and get to know a business in your community a bit better.  This coming Tuesday, April 26th 2022 starting at 4:30 pm Al's Garden Center is hosting the monthly Try Local First event. 

Join us for an uplifting flower and plant potting workshop after our rough start to the Spring season.  This is your opportunity to create a flower basket for mom.  Or plant a fun terracotta pot for your porch.  Create a bright and fun flower container for a friend.  Price is determined onsite and depends on the container and plants you choose.

Click Here to learn more about the
April Try Local Event at Al's Garden Center